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EVOLUTION featuring SIREN - Music Video

The Release

We are expecting a Fall 2017 video release. Please stand by for more information!

The Project

For the past several years, we’ve been seriously considering adapting some of our work to video for several reasons.

  • We have a loving and devoted New York audience but we’d like friends and family outside of the city to be able to see what we’re up to creatively (beyond clips of live performances).
  • This is a great opportunity to invite friends of friends and NO HOPE newbies to join the NO HOPE experience and expand our online presence.
  • This project gives us a chance to work with some amazingly talented artists in new mediums (for us).
  • This allows us to write a little visual love letter to New York, our home, and a city that continues to inspire us after more than 15 years.
  • We get to once again collaborate with Ryan Bruce, who shot our 10th Anniversary Show.

The Song

“Evolution” was originally written for our second concert at Joe’s Pub and sung by the bands SIREN and Kings. It's about taking the good things from a relationship when it’s over and figuring out how to move on with yourself intact. With such a clear narrative already in place, we wrote a treatment (based on a concept by Robert W. McMaster) and began to invest in the idea in earnest.

This past August, we asked SIREN if they would go into the studio with us to record the track. Recording Engineer Matthew Aidekman laid down their vocal tracks as well as Shanna Sharp on guitar and Robert Maril on cello. Then at Mirrortone Studios, Scott Schneider worked his magic on the keys.

When we heard the final edit, we knew the video had to happen.

Click below to listen, hopefully you'll understand why.


Baby am I braced for what's to come
My own survival
Am I ready to hang on
To all the strength and
Good you gave me
Isn't that the price
Of evolution

Tell me now
What happens when it's gone
Do we just move on
Try starting over
Back to the water

Bones and flesh, afresh awash, amiss
That's where we began this
Now with all the fossils being found
You and I are hushed
Breathing in the dust
Between what has been and what we’ll be

The Donors

This project would not have been possible without the generous support of our following project donors:

NO HOPE ($1,000+)

Jim and Judi Schneider


Christopher Catino
Joey Hunter


Ellen Aidekman
Jennifer Allen
David Doan
Desiree Flores
Caryn Ganz
Liz Huber
Aaron Kliner
Robert McMaster
Tom and Carol Ort
Tobias Recken


Amy Augustino
Joe Barnes
Bizzy Coy
Geraldine Obannon
John Ohle
Russell Reed and Steven Sensenich
Alain Rochefort


Noam Ash
Greg Foro and Casey McClellan
Elisabeth Halliday
Ariel Heller
Michael Hicks
Sean Johnson
George Lam
Jessica Libby
Angela Meyer-Nguyen
Sara Shives
Pete Simpson
Mike Siudym
Rennik Soholt
Scott Speiser
Zach Worthington


Luke Nicholas
Bhurin Sead
Benedict Smith
Tascha Van Auken

The Artists

It truly takes a village! And the good news is, we know a slew of incredibly talented people and where to find them!

  • Written by: Tim Aumiller and Scott Schneider
  • Directed by: Tim Aumiller and Ryan Bruce
  • Producer, Casting: John Ort
  • Audio Performance: SIREN (Shanna Sharp, Colleen Harris and Lindsay Morgan) with cello by Robert Maril, guitar by Shanna Sharp and piano by Scott Schneider
  • Performers: Brandy Burre, Maiysha Cade, Michael Fell, Albert Jones, Laleh Khorsandi, Poppi Kramer and Patrick Newton
  • Recording Engineer: Matthew Aidekman
  • Production Coordinator: Dawn Magyar

Other Ways You Can Help

Even if you aren’t able to make a donation at the moment, please consider sharing this with all of the people you know who have no idea what to do with all of their money. Or just really cool people that might have twenty bucks they can throw at some songwriters that still carry the dream, despite our deeply pessimistic moniker.

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